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Frank Owens Contractors Review: Guide to Environmental Protection

A number of strategies have been developed to minimize the potential impact of construction and developmental projects on the environment. For more than two decades on the field, Frank Owens Contractors gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in overseeing environmental mitigation plans. Here are some:


1.It is good to have an ecologist on the site to assess the environmental condition of an area. These professionals will help project owners to guide and minimize the potential impact of the development on the habitat around the area.


2.Creating a perimeter fence is advisable on any construction activities to reduce the formation of bare land surfaces and to preserve the existing vegetation near the area.


3.To prevent further harm on soil, establish vegetation as soon as possible on all areas where soil has been disturbed.


4.Proper segregation and management of building materials are necessary to prevent spills from toxic chemicals that may contaminate nearby bodies of water.


Frank Owens Contractors have been in the industry since 1992 providing quality utility contracting services. The company and its engineers ensure that their projects meet all relevant environmental guidelines and regulations to minimize the potential risk of the operation in the environment.

Source: http://www.frankowenscontracts.co.uk