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Frank Owens Contractors Review: Environmental Impacts of Construction Works

It is no doubt that the construction industry is one of the main sources of environmental pollution today. Groundworks and other site preparation activities have diverse significant impact on the environment that must be addressed before beginning the works.


The following environmental impacts have the potential to be generated during the operation:


1.Soil and water contamination


Soil structure and the quality of water may become contaminated from spills or leaks of fuel and oil during the construction and maintenance activity.


2.Diversion of watercourses


Required engineering works may cause the change of watercourses in neighboring areas that may negatively affect nearby residences. Moreover, the removal of vegetation and surface soil during site clearing may cause soil erosion leading to landslides and mudslide.


3.Noise pollution and eco-system


In nature, noises caused by construction activities have adverse effects on animals and even on plants. Animals develop a better sense of hearing than humans since their survival largely depends on it. The ill effects of extreme noise will likely disturb the balance of eco-system.


4.Sediment pollution


The loss of vegetation cover and surface soil may cause increase silt-bearing run off and sediment pollution on nearby streams and rivers. If proper disposal of hazardous substances are not followed, these water run-off might carry toxic chemicals that may get into waterways and contaminate water life.


Environmental impacts of construction activities must be taken seriously. Frank Owens Contractors with their years of knowledge and expertise will provide quality utility services while protecting and minimizing the negative effects of the works in the ecosystem.

Source: http://www.frankowenscontracts.co.uk